Process Fluids

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Process fluids used in the metal cutting and grinding industry come in different guises, all can be cleaned but the choice of equipment will depend on the application. If you are using any of the process fluids or coolants listed below and have a need to remove contaminated particulate or tramp oil then we have a solution for you.

  • Water Mix cutting Fluids
  • Water Mix Grinding Fluids
  • Neat Cutting Oil
  • Neat grinding Oil

Water Mix Cutting Fluids

High speed machining centres using sophisticated cutting tools benefit from high performance coolants. Predominantly soluble oil type cutting fluids are used to lubricate & cool the cutting zone. Water based cutting fluids as users well know, get contaminated in use from the machining process. Slide-way oil, hydraulic and other oil residues along with floating particulate gather over time in the coolant eventually having a detrimental effect on performance and sump life.
Keeping cutting fluids free from the contamination process extends sump life, protects performance and is certainly better for your machine shop environment and workforce. Several options are available throughout our range, more information is available from the links below.

Central Coolant Management Systems

These systems operate automatically to provide clean coolant to every connected machine tool in the machine shop while recovering contaminated coolant from each machine. Maintaining a constant coolant level in each sump and always at the right dilution the central units provide automatic topping up, tramp oil and waste removal. A clean in place system ensures optimum performance and each system requires little in day to day maintenance.

Central units in our range are:

  • Dolphin (VXGR) up to 4 machines connected.
  • Mustang (VXCS) up to 10 machines connected.
  • Bison (VXSK-A 300) up to 25 machines connected.
  • Dinosaurus (VXSK) up to 300 machines connected.

Full Flow Central Systems

Applied to grinding fluids or cutting fluids when the coolants is used to transport particulate and chips to the central plant for separation. ‘Full Flow’ means that the entire flow rate of each machine tool is supplied from the central plant, the units for this application are:

  • Dinosaurus (VXSK-A)
  • DinoFilter (VXPC-A)

Mobile Tramp Oil Separator

The Penguin (VXKN-M) is a mobile tramp oil separator based on our lamella separator system. Constructed in stainless steel it is easy to setup and operates automatically to remove tramp oil from a machine tool sump. Extremely mobile it can be moved from machine to machine to control contamination and extend coolant sump life. Automatically self cleaning all that is required is to empty then tramp oil container when full.