Mustang Coolant Management System

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coolant-management-system-mustangThe Mustang Coolant Management System is our smallest unit aimed squarely at machine shops having up to 10 machine tools to manage. Its small footprint means it is easy to site but its performance level is every bit as good as it larger brother the Dinosaurous.

Based on the same principle of lamella separation its three phase separator package packs a powerful punch when faced with even the most contaminated coolants. Useful for separating any water mix coolant used in metal cutting operations including those used in cast iron operations having a heavy graphite content.

Tramp oil is collected automatically in a dedicated built in container and can be pumped out as often as required while solid particulate, in the form of sludge, is removed by drag link conveyor. The coolant management system includes: self cleaning 3-phase lamella separator, dirty tank, clean tank, supply pumps, sludge conveyor and automatic top up/mixer system.

As with all our coolant management systems its a lean maintenance unit with little day to day input required once set up. Zero consumables such as paper band are not required therefore waste collected is only from the process. Every machine tool sump on the system is maintained at optimum level and dilution and single point coolant monitoring at the separator is all that is needed to look after the entire machine shop.

Labour associated with looking after coolants is by default removed from the daily process allowing your machine shop to work more efficiently.

The Mustang Coolant Management System needs three main components a brief overview is below.

  • Central Unit
  • Pipework Installation
  • Return Pump Modules

Coolant return is handled by our standard return pump module which sits either inside the machine tool sump or if access is an issue it can be installed alongside. An industrial quality float valve takes care of the supply inlet, rising to close off incoming fluid should the return pump fail. Floating tramp oil and small particulate is captured at surface level and pumped away for separation leaving the sump coolant clean.

Since every machine tool is interconnected dilution remains constant as does coolant level. Coolant kept this clean can last for years without the need for constant and costly sump changes with the disposal issues that arise.