Dinosaurus Coolant Management System

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central-coolant-management-systemOur Dinosaurus range of separators solve the issues associated with tramp oil and particulate contamination in water mix cutting coolants. Consisting of a three phase lamella separator built into a central coolant management system they operate around the clock to deliver and return coolant to every machine tool on the shop floor. The lamella plate package in the central unit removes floating particulate and tramp oil before delivering clean coolant back to process. Tramp oil is held in a dedicated tank within the system while particulate, collected as sludge, is removed by a scraper.

The coolant management system includes: self cleaning 3-phase lamella separator, dirty tank, clean tank, supply pumps, sludge conveyor and automatic top up/mixer system.

Zero consumable media also means that each system can be described as lean maintenance, the central plant needs no daily input from operatives.

However the Dinosaurus range provides much more than the removal of tramp oil and sludge. Connected to a factory wide supply and return pipeline system coolant is delivered to each machine tool at the correct dilution while each machine tool sump is maintained at exactly the right level to ensure optimum coolant performance. This means that coolant dilution across the shop floor remains consistent and is easily checked at the central unit where adjustments cam be made manually or automatically. Clearly labour costs associated with such tasks as cutting fluid control and delivery can now be removed from the process.

Every coolant management system needs three main components a brief overview is below.

  • Central Unit
  • Pipework Installation
  • Return Pump Modules

Each coolant management system is sized according to the number of machine tools to be connected. The more machines the larger the central separator. Coolant flow rates are more or less infinite, the smallest Dinosaurus starts at 500 litres/min but can rise to thousands depending on client needs. This one is a 500 litre/min unit and can service up to 50 machine tools.

Each separator is equipped with an automatic cleaning cycle, topping up/mixer system, drag link conveyor to remove sludge deposits along with supply and circulation pumps. Sludge handling systems can be incorporated as shown, de-watered sludge systems are also available automatically feeding recovered coolant back to the process.