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Keeping Coolants Clean

Fluid Solutions was formed in 1995 to market  Vivex Cutting Fluid Management Systems to the UK. Since then the range has grown to include equipment to handle just about any separation or filtration process used in the metalworking industry.

Purification of Fluids

Vivex was formed in 1982 to develop and manufacture separation process's for metalworking industries and since then have provided separation and filtration plant all around the globe. Based in Stockholm Sweden Vivex market their products world wide through a dedicated team of distributors.


fluid-solutions-coolant-management-systemsFor twenty years we have been producing solutions to your process fluid contamination issues. We have concentrated on working within the metalworking industry, particularly production engineering, where we have gained an enviable reputation for quality equipment at the lowest cost.

Fluid management by the use of separation and filtration equipment has been our main area of expertise allowing us to work with a range of metalworking industries to help users get control of their process fluids.

From mobile separators to turn-key central systems using both cutting and grinding fluids we have been successful in providing solutions to process fluid contamination. ‘Keeping Coolants Clean’ is our mantra and we have helped lots of companies do just that. All our systems are considered as ‘lean maintenance’ plant, we don’t over complicate design.

As the UK distributor for Vivex Separation Sweden we are uniquely placed to advise on the best equipment for your process while adding value from local sub-suppliers to ensure we offer competitive pricing.

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