Process Fluids

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Process fluids used in the metal cutting and grinding industry come in different guises, all can be cleaned but the choice of equipment will depend on the application. If you are using any of the process fluids or coolants listed below and have a need to remove contaminated particulate or tramp oil then we have a solution for you.

  • Water Mix cutting Fluids
  • Water Mix Grinding Fluids
  • Neat Cutting Oil
  • Neat grinding Oil

Neat Cutting Oil

Neat Oils also referred to as straight oils are petroleum based products containing no water. They are used as supplied for applications where lubricity is more important than heat reduction. Gear cutting and deep hole drilling and grinding operations are typical applications.

Machine tool types also play a part. For example cam autos and sliding head machine tools often favour neat oils in preference to water soluble. Keeping the oil free from particulate build up will ensure optimum performance for cutting tools and grinding wheels. Neat cutting oils will perform better and last longer saving time and money. 

Our DinoFilter range is the best option for these applications as they utilise filter cylinders and stainless steel filter mesh which are automatically self cleaning and require no consumable media.